Chris Lakin

About This Website


I enjoy writing for this website immensely.

I wonder who I’m writing to. Sometimes I feel like I’m writing to my past self before I knew or believed X. Other times writing helps me organize and solidfy my thoughts on a topic for a future.

I’ve noticed too that writing these essays has greatly improved the degree to which I can speak about the topics. First, I know how to organize my communication about things I’ve written about. Second, the points I write in essays become practiced ‘blocks’ that are really easy to use impromptu. Third, I know what arguments are subpar and thus should be excluded for sake of persuasiveness-concentration.


After I post essays I will often continue to edit them for a few days. Similarly, there have been many times where I’ve come back to an essay months after posting it and completely rewriten it. (I will note this at the bottom of the page.)

I do this because otherwise I’d never post it. I like to treat perfection as a direction, and not a fixed destination.


I want this website to be simple, as long as it’s readable. No need for fluff. Only the raw ideas are to be judged.

To keep things simple, I‘ve been manually writing the HTML pages.

The design of this website was inspired by Derek Siver's website, and he also helped me start.


Posted 2020 May 21, last updated 2020 November 24.