I enjoy writing for this website immensely.


I relish how linear audiobooks are. For one, the thoughts that usually impede my reading no longer bother me. (“Should I chase this footnote?”, “Should I highlight this sentence?”)

I try to do the same in my writing. For example, to make reading more focused, I don’t place in-text links. When I read online, I frequently have the bothersome experience of becoming distracted by pages linked in the middle of what I’m currently reading. This seems to be a compulsive tick of mine.

For this reason, while reading online I often observe myself becoming tremendously fatigued. This is one of the reasons why I try to write succinctly, place extra details in toggling blocks of text, place links only at the end of essays, etc. I believe most writing can be composed in less words while also being more useful.


I continue to revise essays long after I’ve posted them. Why shouldn’t text be living?

Instead of reiterating the same concept through several mediums, what if you iterated on one explanation in one medium until it was exceptional?


I have a few hundred text files for different ideas. Over time I revisit each and add new thoughts. For some drafts, after several months, the text begins to coalesce into something coherent.


The design of this website is meant to be legible and simple. No froth. Only ideas matter.

The design of this website was inspired by Derek Sivers’s website, and he also helped me start. His essays showed me the beauty of succinct essays.

To keep my process simple, I manually write this website’s HTML/CSS. 2021 July: I waited far too long to move to an automated platform, which I regret. I now use Jekyll.