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Sleep: what I tell friends about improving sleep

This is just an informal list. And not well-written.

Lets get this straight: There are many factors that influence sleep quality beyond mere duration.

Factors that also matter a lot include:


Optimizing these factors makes sleep more efficient. Benefits: 1) the immediate benefits of better sleep; 2) not incurring risk of neurodegenerative disease later in life; 3) also efficient sleep is quicker and saves time(?).

AFAIK all of this is supported by research, it should be, but I can’t be bothered to find the sources.

Last of all, note that these factors should improve the quality of your sleep, whether you actually feel it or not. The evidence that we can consciously gauge the quality of a night’s sleep is rather poor, IIRC. Even if you don’t not notice the side-effects of poor sleep, and even if you don’t think you get great sleep, you may very well be wrong.

If this helped you (I’d love to hear), if you have questions, if you’re wondering where I heard something, whatever, just email me.

P.S.: The book “Why We Sleep”, if you’ve read it, is riddled with scientific and factual errors. (Source)

Posted 2020 November 19, last updated 2021 April 16.

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