I almost didn’t start this website; I almost fell into the black hole of meta: website templates, hosting services, styling, and themes. I have a weakness to trivial details like this.

But I caught myself and followed a proactive tip from a mentor: “Start simple from before you even begin: stay simple in how you think of it, and how you make it. Don’t let people tell you it needs to be any more complex than this.

With that, I just started writing. I didn’t fuss about the trivial details. I just published. Eventually I sorted out the details, but not until I had first gotten used to the most important piece: writing.

Similarly, the original essays I published here had (many) (large) flaws, but I could revise later. I couldn’t let the ideal of perfection be the enemy of good.

Are you hesitating on something because of details? Just start. Do it imperfectly. Do it imperfectly intentionally. Only do what’s essential for now, and don’t drown in froth. Assume that your motivation is unstable—and expect that fussing could delay you into permanent inaction. Start simple. You can figure out the details later.