Chris Lakin

Start as simply as possible and assume that motivation is fickle.

In starting this website, I had a moment where I almost didn’t. I almost got sucked into a black hole of meta: website templates, hosting services, styling, themes… Quite typical of me.

But I followed a tip that Derek Sivers gave me: “Start simple from before you even begin: stay simple in how you think of it, and how you make it. Don't let people tell you it needs to be any more complex than this.

So I just started writing. I wrote the HTML files myself off of a simple template, and published essays. The essays had flaws and mistakes, but if I didn’t at least get started, it was never going to be good. “Perfect is the enemy of good.”

Hesitating on a project because of details? Just start. Be imperfect. Only do what’s essential, prevent the fraying details from tripping you, and assume that your motivation is fickle—assume that fussing on any hiccup could delay you into permanent inaction.


Posted 2020 August 24, last updated 2020 October 24.

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