How to Tame a Chipmunk (2020)

How I befriended chipmunks and fed them from a spoon.

Liberated Arts (2021)

A friend and I are trying to create small live liberal arts classes that have more guidance than books clubs, and more focus and flexibility than university courses. We call itLiberated Arts.

Uncommon Sense Seminar (2021 Aug)

A friend and I created a new summer camp to teach high school students critical thinking skills. Received a grant to run the event for a week in California, and free for everyone involved. It went surprisingly well! Considering running more projects like this. Education feels more important to me now. It seems like a fairly low-hanging fruit in this context. Uncommon Sense

No Use Crying Over Mixed Milk (2020)

My personal exploration of entropy, via video.

This Website (2020+)

About style, revising, drafting, and design.

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