Chris Lakin


Open Ideas List (2020+)

Supposed to be crazy. Meant to help inspire other good ideas.

Promoting NOVID

I believe this is a way to reduce risk to and damage from natural and engineered pandemics.

Cured Chronic Acne

Had acne for three years until recently. Dermatologist couldn’t cure it. Acne seems to have resolved because of either switching to a carnivore diet and/or eating regular quantities of beef liver.

Pittsburgh Electric Bus Proposal (2020+)

I wanted Pittsburgh Port Authority to use more electric buses (electric buses have a few advantages), so I proposed a practical strategy that they can use to finance an electric fleet, which they now may implement in coming years.

Making Memory a Choice: Spaced Repetition Experiments (2020+)

Learning to use SR for all types of learning. Plus, saving time with classes.

Carnegie Mellon Mask Proposal

Cloth masks are roughly 50% effective at blocking viral-sized particles, but high-effectiveness masks (kn95, kf94) will block more than 95%. One such FDA-approved, empirically-tested mask costs ~$1.3, and can probably be worn for at least two days. I’m trying to propose that the people doing covid tests be given high-quality masks. 60 days * ~30 staff per day * $1.3 per mask * 1 mask per person ≈ $2,500 for the whole semester. Having trouble though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ bureaucracy. A skill I have to learn.

Hookshot App Suggestion (2020)

I proposed an idea to the developer of a macOS window-alignment app. The developer favored the idea and implemented it. Note that all I did was propose an idea— all of the implementation is credit to Ryan. My idea birthed the Reticle (the red dot in the app), though it’s not shown currently on the app’s website.

Posted 2021 January 22, last updated February 2021 February 16.

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