I quite enjoy being alone, often more than being in the company others. Because of this, while I try to be polite to everyone, I don’t try to be close friends with everyone I meet—instead, I’m trying to find the rare person I really like. I think trying to become close with everyone leads to being close with no one.

Sometimes when we’re trying to make friends, we do so by smoothing out the spikes in individuality. I think this is a poor solution: If I hide my uniqueness, then I come off as just another person, and no one will have any reason to prefer me over anyone else. I probably won’t repel anyone, but I also won’t attract anyone either.

Meanwhile, when I share my thoughts, opinions, and beliefs strongly and without restraint, here’s what typically happens:

  • Those in my proximity who find themselves disinterested will go elsewhere;
  • Those in my proximity who appreciate my unrestrained self will stay;
  • And whenever I encounter someone like me, they discover our similarity more quickly.

Then, I’m left with a concentrated dose of people who like me for my quirks— and these are just the kind of people that I like the most.