These are orange glasses.

I wear them every night, 6pm until sleep. I’ll wear them out of the house, too.

I wear them because until the advent of artificial light— for more than 99% of human evolution— blue light only existed in the daytime. You see it in the sky. And once the sun sets, only fire-light remains.

So, over hundreds of thousands of years, our evolutionary ancestors adapted to this cue: “when there is blue light, it is daytime”. And if we tend to want to be awake when it’s day, it’s not unsurprising that blue light would come to be a signal to your body, “Hey, it’s not time to sleep right now. Be wakeful.” (At least this is a logical evolutionary explanation, anyway.)

But now that we’ve created our own light at night, much of it blue, this association is no longer relevant, but our bodies don’t know that.

So, every night, I wear these glasses. They block 98% of the blue light that would otherwise keep me awake and harm my sleep.

This shows one part of my personality: I like to question assumptions. To dive deep into the areas I want to improve. To tweak and make better.

That’s part of who I am, what I enjoy doing, and what I plan to do.

When I was younger I didn’t have many friends. Never really did. I don’t blame my peers for that— I wasn’t particularly enthralled with them either— but the benefit of this was that I was never motivated to fit in. If I wanted to do something, be something, I’d do it. Ironically this is what my family and friends love most about me today.

I’ll wear these glasses out to events. I don’t want to let thoughts about the thoughts of others affect how I’m going to behave.

Orange glasses.

Update: I now wear red glasses (not shown above) which block blue and green light, so I need to update this. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.