As of 2021 September 11, I am…

  • Returning to the joy of writing daily.
    • Ha, I wish. I let writing slip as a priority and now it’s just gone.
    • How do I do everything? Or, what is a waste of my time? (Opportunity costs included.) How do I explore and exploit at the same time? How do more stuff with less time? Can I get more time per week? Please let me know if you have ideas.
  • Working for NOVID (strategy, comms) under Po-Shen Loh.
  • Taking classes, studying physics at CMU.
  • Working on a project I won’t write publicly about yet.
  • Languishing a bit.
  • Running Carnegie Mellon EA (Strategic Social Impact at CMU). If you’re a student, you should join our discord.

And I recently finished…

  • Thinking about whether I should take a gap year or drop out—decided against it.
  • Running (operations) Uncommon Sense; it went great! Considering running more things like this.

Drawing © Ariana Dyer.

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