Chris Lakin

Infinite Maze

If you walk into a dead end in a maze, you don’t conclude, “Fuck! I’ve failed!” and get anxious. No, you turn around, back out, and make what looks like the next best turn. That’s all.

Life is an infinite maze. You’re trying to move through. You’re trying to maximize value. But the maze doesn’t have an end—it’s only ever you, and making the next best turn.

(And in this maze, at least you can, to a degree, predict which turn is better than another.)

Regret is inevitable, but by making what appears to be the best, least-regrettable decision we can minimize it.

It doesn’t matter where you are, it matters where you’re going. Relax and make the next best turn.


Posted 2021 January 24, last updated 2021 February 25.

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