Chris Lakin

Increase idea quality with Idea Sex.

You can’t find the gem in an idea you let go of.

You have an idea. You proceed to think it’s stupid. You correspondingly never write it down nor share it with others.

Most ideas have some gem of value, but that gem will never be isolated if the idea is killed too early.

I don’t believe that ideas should be judged in advance of sharing or recording them.

How to generate better ideas:

  1. Keep every idea!
  2. Split each idea up into its parts. Try to find specific gems.
  3. Generate more ideas from the permutations of those parts.
  4. Mix those ideas.

And the memorable name for this process just has to be idea sex!

Idea quality comes from idea quantity.

Personal experience

Because I don’t hold anything back, I’ve found that in the groups I’ve been in, I propose the plurality of the most creative ideas. But only because I also propose the plurality of the worst ideas!

But, I’ve found that many of my ‘most stupid’ ideas were actually the most creative. These ideas then made for great idea sex. But if I had judged and killed them too early (or held the ideas back from sharing), I never would have followed their gems.

Drawing © Ariana Dyer.


Posted 2020 July 25, last updated 2021 May 5.

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