Chris Lakin

Force Happiness

We may have to force ourselves to do not-yet-habitual activities, even if we enjoy them greatly.

When I first started writing for this website, I found myself relishing writing.

But there came sprees of days where I wouldn’t write. Not because I wouldn’t have enjoyed it, not because I didn’t have ideas, not even because I had gotten busy— but because I had forgotten. Writing wasn’t yet a habit; instead, my default activity laid in watching science youtube videos.

And each time I wrote, I concluded afterward, “Wow! That was great! I need to do this more often!” —Yet I still failed to automatically, habitually, randomly decide to write during my spare time.

This was despite my belief that writing was, perhaps, my most important activity.

Only a few months of writing everyday in the morning did I begin to spend my random spare time writing. Only then came the moments quickly writing between classes, or writing when I knew I should’ve gone to sleep an hour ago. I love these moments.

I don’t know why it took as long as it did, but now I know: we won’t automatically do the worthwhile, far-sighted things that we know will fulfill us. Not unless they come habit.

I just have to accept this, and then try to correct for it.


Posted 2020 August 22, updated 2021 February 7.

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