Chris Lakin

No Use Crying Over Mixed Milk (2020)


This is, in my opinion, an actually good conceptual explanation of entropy. (There are no abstract boxes of gas particles!)

I worked on this full-time for 3 months 2020 April - June. I enjoyed doing so immensely, and it partially spurred me to create this website.

In the process I also happened to learn about video editing, script writing, videography, audio design, and science communication in general.


Something I learned while creating this video.


I was fortunate to be helped by all of these people:
Ariana Dyer!
Alexander Cali
Eric Brown
Richard Wertz
Audrey Ng
Dr. Janan Wehbeh
Henry Wertz
Rebecca Seubert
Chloe Mathewson
and many others.


2020 June, last updated 2020 November 21.