Chris Lakin

No Use Crying Over Mixed Milk (2020)


Finally, a conceptual explanation of the definition of entropy without any abstract boxes of gas particles! I tried to combine thermodynamic entropy and statistical entropy into one cohesive explanation.

I worked on this full-time for three months, 2020 April to June. I enjoyed this immensely, and it partially spurred me to create this website.

I learned a lot about creating, and a lot about myself.

I created this video with Ariana Dyer, and was fortunate to also be helped by all of these people:
Alexander Cali,
Eric Brown,
Richard Wertz,
Audrey Ng,
Dr. Janan Wehbeh,
Henry Wertz,
Rebecca Seubert,
Chloe Mathewson,
and many others.


Page posted 2020 June, last updated 2021 March 22.