Chris Lakin

Deliberate Randomness

On random occasions, deliberately inject randomness into your decisions.

Do something you normally wouldn’t do.

Don’t do something you normally would do.

Do something differently than you normally do.

We have to doubt our current algorithms or else we’ll never grow.

So, inject randomness! Engage in exploration!

Otherwise would be to assume that your model of the world is completely accurate. (Ha!)

You may find something or someone really interesting, but you’ll never find it/them otherwise.

Randomness can also be incredibly fun. It makes things a game again! Deliberate randomness is definitely one of my favorite things to do.

For example, habitual deliberate randomness resulted in this, and it also helped motivate me to create this website.

“Sure, why not try that!”

Similarly, when you find that your strategy is ineffective, try the opposite! You already have little to lose!


2020 October 24 (posted) - 2020 November 13 (updated)