Chris Lakin

Decision Fatigue Checklist

This is the companion essay to Our ability to negotiate complexity is a resource to be rationed.

There are aspects in life that need variety of course, but I’d rather have most aspects be simple, habitually effortless, and require as little decision-making as possible. But what aspects in particular?

It may seem overwhelming, but making these decisions everyday in the moment is more overwhelming. And you’ll have to answer these questions eventually, anyway.

Mainly, decide when you’re going to do X and how you’re going to do X. The goal here is to reduce the amount of decisions you have to make. For every activity, start with the simplest and stupidest possible approach—you can make it more complex once your habit solidifies. Let’s go through X’s.

Grab a notebook and start writing these out.

Finally, if I were you I’d first convert this into a daily checklist, and second put this schedule in your calendar hour-by-hour.


Posted 2021 January 24.

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