Chris Lakin


Here are the more trivial essays I have posted, but which I don’t want to put on the main page.

I believe that many perceptions of things are based off of concentration, rather than off of absolute value. (Would you rather have a few close friends, or several meh friends?) So I’d rather keep the home page concentrated.

Random stuff about me

I really like feedback.

Today doesn't matter. Only the long term future matters.

I’ve stopped expecting choices of happiness to be automatic. (Can’t decide whether this belongs in the corner or not.)


There are many factors that influence sleep quality irrespective of duration. (Incomplete and informal)

You can’t learn from experience at face value.

Start things as simply as possible and assume that motivation is fickle.

Social media, like many things, may be “free”, but definitely isn’t free.

Evolution explained perfectly in 7 words, and one comma.

When you don't have time for something ‘important’, make time, or admit that it's not important.

Make sure to budget time in advance.

The utility of predecision—making decisions in advance.

Thoughts on listening to media at increased speeds.


2020 November 14 - 2020 November 19