Chris Lakin


Caution: Low concentration of utility.

Here live the unusually-trivial, less-well-written essays on this website. Essays that would dillute other pages.

I believe that many assessments of quality are derived from concentration, rather than off of absolute mass. (Would you rather have a few close friends, or several ‘meh’ friends?) For this reason I’d rather keep the other pages on this website concentrated with higher-quality material. Thus, this is the home of the trivial essays on this website.

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Random stuff about me

What I’m working on now (@NowNowNow)

About this website: motivations and notes.

On choosing a career path.

I really like feedback.

Today doesn't matter. Only the long term future matters.

Orange glasses: sleep and Stoicism.

Mistakes (2002+): Too often all that’s shown is the final product. So why not make a page of my mistakes, and my worst work?

Other Essays

The pandemic revealed that bioweapons are feasible, but only the U.S. and Europe are vulnerable.

What if we are the only life in the universe?

We humans stand a real chance of destroying ourselves in the next few centuries

Evolution explained in 6 words.

We’re biased towards explanations, and away from randomness: Apophenia.

Does ‘intelligence responsibility’ exist?

How blocking blue light affects sleep.

Forwards: The difference between ‘Thinking Forwards’ and ‘Thinking Backwards’.

Start things as simply as possible and assume that motivation is fickle.

Beliefs: What’s useful may not be true.

Thoughts on listening to media at increased speeds.