I’m writing this to let you know that dietary alternatives exist. In my case, eating plants hurts me and I only figured this out when I decided to try not eating them for a few months. The two largest benefits I get from this is that I have more energy, and that my energy levels are consistent throughout the day.

I’ve eaten almost only animal products for the past few years, i.e.: a “carnivore diet”. My diet for the past two and a half years has been essentially:

  • beef (steak, organs, ground beef, suet, and rarely tendons and bones)
  • Meyenberg goat milk
  • lamb
  • potatoes (a few times a month, lately)
  • butter
  • eggs
  • seafood
  • cheese
  • salt
  • water
  • and sometimes: berries, fruit, and honey

Before this, I was on a ~”paleo” diet: no processed foods or grains. So the effects carnivore had on me came after switching from “meat and animal products, lots of greens, also rice and beans” to just “meat and animal products”.

I get a lot of questions about this diet so I’ve answered a few of the common ones below.

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  • Doesn’t eating the same food every day get boring?
    • Not really: medium-rare red meat is by far the most satisfying food I’ve ever had.
    • The times I do get bored seem to be only if I haven’t eaten offal (e.g. liver) in more than a few days, and that’s an easy fix.
    • I’ll also note: I’ve had significantly fewer cravings on this diet than when I was on paleo.
  • Don’t you need fiber?
    • Apparently not really. (I do get this question a lot, though.)
  • How do you eat while traveling?
    • During plane/train days: It’s hard to find good-quality pure meat, so I mostly choose to fast instead. But fasting is really easy to do on this diet anyway.
    • During temporary stays in new places, I buy an inexpensive air fryer to use (and then give it to friends when I leave).
  • What meats do you eat?
    • I like beef and lamb. (I would eat more seafood if I wasn’t concerned about heavy metal contamination.) I don’t eat chicken though—it just doesn’t feel satisfying to eat.
  • Do you cook every meal?
    • Basically yes. (But the way I do it is even easier than ordering delivery imo.)
  • What recipe do you use to cook?
    • I cook steaks by putting them in an air fryer or convection oven at 500° F for ~14 minutes, and when they’re done they are juicy, seared, and a perfect medium-rare. (Note that I don’t add spices, and I only rarely add salt.)
    • IMO, air fryers are the best cooking method for meat! (They can even be used to dehydrate meat and create jerky, and to cook soft/hard boiled eggs without needing to boil water!) See my air fryer recommendations.
  • Isn’t this expensive?
    • I have some other constraints (which I won’t get into here) that make it personally expensive for me right now, but many carnivores find it not too expensive as long as they incorporate lots of chuck and ground beef.
  • Where do I learn more about this?

A brief note: I think it’s plausible that eating lots of fatty meat has an evolutionary precedent, but explaining this involves discussing megafauna so I’ll leave that to a future post.

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