Chris Lakin

Bioweapons and Bioterrorism

Nation scale:

In the past, it has been assumed that using bioweapons would be impractical: they would indiscriminately infect the perpetrating country’s own people.

What if they another country is confident that they can quarantine a whole city at the drop of a dime, and your slow-moving democracy can’t?

This pandemic has proven that the western countries are vulnerable to biorisks in a way that totalitarian regimes aren’t.

Terrorist scale:

However, in my opinion the larger threat is terrorists executing bioterrorism. Whip up an improved form of smallpox or a re-infectious form of coronavirus, and release it into twenty cities at once. Now every terrorist knows that almost no western country could handle that. And now it’s a known option, requiring no creativity.

Furthermore, the equipment and expertise to do this isn’t expensive nor rare.


I have a professor, Po Shen Loh, that has made an app, Novid, that notifies before you get infected. Radar. I recommend you scroll through the webpage for a better explanation than I can give.

My professor and I believe that this technology is something that can prevent all future transmissible disease. What worries me is that now that most western countries have shown incompetence to pandemics, bioterrorism becomes cheap, relatively easy, and obvious. But something like Novid could halt that, and I don’t know anything else that could.

Even if Novid doesn’t become popular during this pandemic, it’s the only shot I know of that we have against future pandemics, natural or engineered. Covid isn’t much compared to what could be.

I don’t work for Novid— I just think this is important

[Video explanation]

Posted 2020 December 15, last updated 2021 February 16.

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