Chris Lakin

Bioweapons and Bioterrorism

Nation scale:

In the past, it has been assumed that using bioweapons would be impractical: they would indiscriminately infect the perpetrating country’s own people.

What if they another country is confident that they can quarantine a whole city at the drop of a dime, and your slow-moving democracy can’t?

This pandemic has proven that the western countries are vulnerable to biorisks in a way that totalitarian regimes aren’t.

Terrorist scale:

However, in my opinion the larger threat is terrorists executing bioterrorism. Whip up an improved form of smallpox or a re-infectious form of coronavirus, and release it into twenty cities at once. Now every terrorist knows that almost no western country could handle that. And now it’s a known option, requiring no creativity.

Furthermore, the equipment and expertise to do this isn’t expensive or rare.


Drawing © Ariana Dyer.

Posted 2020 December 15, last updated 2021 May 5.

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