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This page is entirely about my personality. This page is an experiment: I’m curious what will happen. Historically I’ve had a difficult time describing myself— hence the detail that I have tried to place on this page.

To see what I’m doing now, what I’ve done in the past, and what I’m thinking about, see my “now” page.

About me, who I tend to be:

  • I can be shy when meeting multiple new individuals at once. But I open up quickly if I get the signal that I’m surrounded by compassionate people.
  • I am an extrovert around the right people.
  • As long as I’m comfortable, I readily and frequently share my feelings.
    • I also seem to prefer others who are emotionally expressive. (This may be because I might (currently) have a difficult time reading others’ expressions?) This may also be why I have historically had an easier time getting along with girls than guys.
  • I try to be attentive to others’ goals and needs, and I try to proactively be helpful.
    • I expect the same of my friends: If you tend to be aloof, I will not like you.
  • I ask a lot of questions— sometimes I have to stop myself because it can be too much for some people. I’m just really curious. If I do this to you, feel free to ask me to ask less questions. I’m currently practicing talking about myself more (yes, really— making this page is so that I hopefully don’t have to talk about myself as often).
  • I attempt to explain ideas in both writing and speech with brevity.
    • This also means that it can be easy to miss nuance in what I’ve said.
    • Note that I do not attempt to share my emotions (or anything I’m uncertain about) with brevity.
    • In general you do not need to be brief in your communication with me. Please don’t feel compelled to do this. That would be sad.
  • While I consider myself to often be intensely sociable with the right people, note that I tend not to automatically pick up new social patterns. So if my behavior seems peculiar to you in some way, it’s likely because I don’t see what you see as peculiar. Once a pattern is pointed out to me, however—and please always do this—recognizing the pattern can then easily become a habit.
  • I tend to be unusually organized and unusually agentic.
  • I reflect often; I want to improve myself for its own sake.
  • I have a compassionate and healthy relationship with myself.
  • I am trying to learn how to be more social.
  • I am trying to learn how to communicate better.
  • It has so far been easier for me to befriend people who happen to be older than me. I also usually have trouble understanding most others my age.
  • I relax by writing, talking to friends, and going on walks. I do not enjoy watching TV or movies as they stick in my head. I read a bit, and slowly, but not too much. Otherwise, I prefer to spend most of my time working on cool projects.
  • I tend to prefer one-on-one interactions to group interactions.
  • My body seems to have trouble when I eat most plants, so I end up eating mostly meat instead.
  • I suspect that sometimes others perceive me as being ascetic in some regards? Perhaps because I essentially eat a single foodstuff, I prefer to go to sleep before midnight, I don’t drink and don’t ever intend to, I tend to stay away from parties, and I find myself to be naturally inclined against hedonism overall… However, my lifestyle doesn’t feel ascetic to me—the items I’ve listed don’t feel like they’re helping me get to where I want to go.
  • I will be silly, and I will make up games.
    • I laugh a lot. This offends some people.
  • Stoicism works quite well for me. I have low neuroticism overall. Try me.
    • 2022-01-23: Actually I’m less sure in this now. I’m fairly certain that I experience very little angst about outcomes. However in the specific case of social interactions, I’m now leaning towards now believing that I do experience a fair amount of social anxiety, but it’s just fairly selective. (Selective because I’m fairly selective and when I originally formed this opinion I wasn’t around a density of people who I liked.)
    • Note that Stoicism does not completely describe my philosophy as I also incorporate intuitions and self-communication, among other bits.

Drawing © Ariana Dyer.

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